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Learn Blender in 3.5 Hours – Ideal Course For Beginners

Learn Blender in 3.5 Hours – Ideal Course For Beginners

Learn how to make your amazing 3D art and 3D animations without any prior 3D experience.

What you’ll learn

Learn Blender in 3.5 Hours – Ideal Course For Beginners

  • Learn how to make 3D models using Blender.
  • Use keyframes to create stunning 3D animations.
  • UV Unwrapping of 3D Models Adding Textures and Materials to 3D Models
  • Use Cycles or Eevee to render your final 3D animation.


  • Basic computer skills are required, but no 3D skills are required.


“Learn Blender in 3.5 Hours” welcomes you! Thank you very much for your interest in this course! I guarantee you will not be sorry.

This course has been developed in such a manner that anybody interested in Blender or 3D animation may begin learning what they need to know right away. (— There is no need for previous 3D expertise!

However, this training is not just for total novices. I am certain you will discover a chapter in which you will learn something new. From the Blender interface through the final render utilizing the Eevee or Cycles render engines, this course covers everything.

You’ll learn how to make 3D models, UV unwraps them, apply unique textures and materials, add lighting and an HDRI to your scene, and animate everything using simple keyframes. All of this and much more will be taught to you in about 3.5 hours!

Examine the list of lessons below:

  • The Blender Interface (Lesson 1)
  • Lesson 2: Foundations of Navigation
  • Adding Objects to Your Scene (Lesson 3)
  • Lesson 4: Move, Scale, Rotate, Repeat
  • Part 1 of Edit Mode: Vertices, Edges, and Faces
  • Part 2 of Lesson 6: Edit Mode: Subdivide Edges and Faces
  • Part 3 of Lesson 7: Loop Cut, Extrude, Inset, Bevel
  • Edit Mode: Part 4: Adding and Removing Faces
  • Lesson 9 Part 5: Separate and Join
  • Origins (Lesson 10)
  • The 3D cursor (Lesson 11)
  • Lesson 12: Make Your First Model (A Basic Chair)
  • Lesson 13: Animation Using Keyframes
  • Modifiers (Lesson 14)
  • UV Unwrapping (Lesson 15)
  • Developing Your First Product
  • Incorporating Lighting and an HDRI into Your Scene
  • Incorporating a Camera into Your Scene
  • Lesson 19: Eevee & Cycles Rendering

So strap up—you’ll learn all you need to know in the following three and a half hours to start making your outstanding 3D art and 3D animations!

Download Blender for free and become the 3D artist you’ve always wanted to be!

Throughout this course, I will be using Blender 3.2, but you may use any current Blender version to follow along.

Let’s make some incredible 3D art—see you in the first class!

Who this course is for:

  • Does anybody want to learn Blender?
  • Is there anybody out there that wants to study 3D animation?
  • Anyone interested in learning how to construct 3D models may find this resource useful.

Learn Blender in 3.5 Hours – Ideal Course For Beginners