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Introduction to Financial Modeling for Beginners

Introduction to Financial Modeling for Beginners

Learn how to build your first financial models in Excel from scratch.

What you’ll learn

Introduction to Financial Modeling for Beginners

  • Understand the essentials of financial modeling using Excel
  • Understand the financial modeling process
  • Be able to build their first financial forecast model in Excel
  • Be able to build their first financial reporting model in Excel
  • Learn how to build their first financial decision-making model in Excel
  • Be proficient in financial model design
  • Understand core concepts in finance
  • Know the business of lemonade stands inside out!


  • Microsoft Excel 2010 or newer


There are THREE things you need to do in order to learn financial modeling:

1.         You need to understand the key concepts of Finance

2.         You need to understand the relevant features & techniques in Excel

3.         You need to be able to put both of those together in practice.

We did too many years ago.

It didn’t have to be as painful and time-consuming as it was.

You DON’T have to learn everything about finance or Excel to become proficient at financial modeling.

Now, why should you learn from us?

I’m proud to say that I have an MBA from Stanford University and have worked on many commercial real estate properties across a dozen asset types in multiple markets. I even helped create the underwriting standards for a 2000-store private restaurant chain, helping them open new locations around the world.

And as a licensed broker and real estate consultant, I’ve helped many private clients with locating, evaluating, and structuring investment opportunities including multi-million dollar commercial property acquisitions and 1031 exchanges.

My co-instructor, Brandon Young, has a Masters in Real Estate Finance & Development from the University of North Carolina Charlotte as well as a Masters in Finance from Tulane University. He has over a decade of combined financial and real estate experience, including acquisitions and development.

We’ve been living and breathing in financial models for practically our entire careers.

What if I don’t have any Finance or Excel background?

No worries! This is an introductory course and it assumes ZERO prior knowledge or experience.

Who this course is for:

  • Want to learn financial modeling without worrying about whether they’re learning unnecessary stuff
  • Want to learn from instructors who have relevant industry experience who understands the concepts AND knows what is relevant in practice
  • People who want to learn Financial Modeling from accessible instructors
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