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IELTS Vocabulary: Learn 400 Essential Words for IELTS

IELTS Vocabulary: Learn 400 Essential Words for IELTS – Course

Improve your IELTS Band Score by learning key words for the IELTS Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening Tests

What you’ll learn

IELTS Vocabulary: Learn 400 Essential Words for IELTS

  • Achieve a band score of 7 and above by using and understanding a wide range of English vocabulary
  • Boost your IELTS Writing band score by writing essays using a wide range of vocabulary
  • Speak more naturally in the IELTS Speaking Test
  • Improve your reading and listening skills for the IELTS Listening and IELTS Reading Tests


  • You should be at a pre-intermediate level of English or above
  • An understanding of the different parts of the IELTS exam is useful but not essential


Do you need a band score of 7.0 or above on the IELTS test? Then this course is for you! Course Site
Essential Words for IELTS is a collection of video presentationsworksheets, and quizzes created for students preparing to take the IELTS test. By working through the materials, you will master the vocabulary needed to get a high IELTS score.

  • learn word meanings
  • hear how to clearly pronounce each word
  • see how each word is used in example sentences
  • learn how to use the word like a native through common collocations (words that frequently go together)
  • discover the different forms and derivatives of each word – Course Site
  • get to know synonyms of each word – vital for success on the IELTS reading and listening tests
  • revise using a PDF version of each video
  • build your own vocabulary booklet using the printable vocabulary record that comes with each video
  • test yourself using multiple-choice quizzes

Together, this information will help you develop a deep knowledge of each word.

The Vocabulary

IELTS Vocabulary: Learn 400 Essential Words for IELTS – Course Site – In total, the course contains almost 400 words that will help you get the band score you need on the IELTS test. These words have been carefully selected from the COBUILD English language corpus to cover functions and topics that are frequently found in the IELTS test.

Each video presentation contains 7 words, the ideal number of words to learn in one go.

Who this course is for:

IELTS Vocabulary: Learn 400 Essential Words for IELTS

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