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Design from Scratch uses Python

Take your programming skills to the next level with an object-oriented method.

What you’ll learn

Design from Scratch uses Python

  • Data structure and object-oriented analysis and programming can be used in real-world situations.
  • Play against a computer in a simple game.
  • Use math and physics in your project.
  • Algorithms.


  • It’s important to know general programming languages.
  • Object-Oriented Concepts: class, field, property, method, inheritance, and so on, are some of them
  • Algorithms and Data Structures: a queue, a stack, a tree, and so on
  • College or high school It’s both math and physics.


Here, we’re going to talk about intermediate programming. This is for someone who already knows some programming and wants to learn how to write a complex program from scratch. If you know some college-level math and physics, you’ll be a lot more successful. The demo projects are written in python, but they can be easily changed to other general-purpose languages. Design can be used in another language, or the same design can be used in another language. All of the demo projects here are small enough to learn from, but not so small that they’re not interesting.

Learning how to use software to solve problems is the main goal of this class.

The course is about how to use OOP to structure a program that has algorithms, a UI, and a few backend objects in it.

A software engineer needs to know about a lot of things that aren’t here, like multi-threading and databases. Having those might make the class less focused and make it more difficult for students to figure out how to fix their projects. If students understand the course well, they may find it easier to learn about other important aspects of software development, such as modeling large complex systems (UML), Design Patterns & Architecture, and so on, which are also important.

Making the most of the class:

Students are supposed to know some of the following things at some point.

Programming Language Knowledge: – General-purpose programming language knowledge

class, field, property, method, inheritance, and so on: Object-Oriented Concepts

A queue, stack, tree, graph, and so on are some of the basic data structures.

– Math and Physics in high school or college

Who this course is for:

  • A person who knows some basic programming and wants to learn how to write a more complex program from scratch.

Design from Scratch uses Python