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Blockchain Programming – Learn Blockchain

Blockchain Programming – Learn Blockchain

Build a blockchain and cryptocurrency from scratch using Python

What you’ll learn

Blockchain Programming – Learn Blockchain

  • Build a crypto coin from scratch using Python
  • Digitally sign messages and verify signatures
  • Design and build a tamper-proof blockchain to store any kind of data
  • Secure your blockchain with a proof-of-work requirement
  • Open sockets to communicate transactions and block with peers
  • Build a wallet and miner for your crypto coin


  • Beginning knowledge of any programming language
  • Python 3.x
  • A text editor


You’ll learn the ins and outs of blockchain-like only a blockchain programmer knows. Using only a few Python libraries, we’ll build a cryptocurrency from the ground up. Even if you have very little programming experience we can help you through it!

You’ll learn about digital signatures, hashing, and proof-of-work mining. We’ll design and build a scheme for decentralized consensus including communicating over TCP/IP sockets. Bring your basic knowledge of Python, and you’ll emerge on the other side with a grasp of cryptocurrencies better than 99% of your peers and with a working prototype you can build on.

You’ll make smarter cryptocurrency investment decisions, launch a career in blockchain programming or just be the smartest crypto-junkie in the room. Clear your weekend, click the enroll button and let’s go!

Who this course is for:

  • Programmers of all skill levels who want to learn cryptocurrencies from the inside
  • Crypto-junkies who want to learn some programming
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