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Transform Your Mind – Transform Your Life – Free Udemy Courses

Transform Your Mind – Transform Your Life – Free Udemy Courses

The Journey Of Self-Transformation Overview – The Journey Of the Transforming Suffering States Of Mind into Happiness

What you’ll learn

Transform Your Mind – Transform Your Life – Free Udemy Courses

  • Know the purpose in life
  • Know how the cause of Suffering is created in the mind
  • Know the secrets as to how the mind works about happiness and unhappiness
  • Understand the mind better


  • To transform our minds, we allow the mind to be challenged. So be ready for your beliefs to be challenged ????

  • Your English needs to be at a good level otherwise it will be hard to understand!


The Purpose Of Life

The purpose of life is to create greater happiness.

And it’s not about just being happy in one moment, but

every moment.

Such a journey will require one to address their unhappiness. The more one can transform their unhappiness, the happier one will naturally be.

Thus, to be truly Self-Fulfilled, one must transform the suffering states of mind. These are the negative states such as our fears, anger, worries, impatience, and so forth.

But How?

Through the journey of Self-Transformation!

The Journey Of Self-Transformation

These Videos were created to take you on an enlightening journey of Self-Transformation, a journey that has never been taught before.

in these videos, you will finally know how all the suffering states of the mind are within, and the ways to transform them and release them from the deepest level of the mind so that you won’t have to experience them again!

The knowledge in the course has helped me to experience greater happiness in life, so I would like to share this knowledge with you for free!

Transform your mind and you will transform your life!

The Goal Of The Course

Not many techniques and practices will be introduced in this course.

The goal of this course is to develop a firm understanding of how the mind works about suffering and the ways to transform it.

The journey of Self-Transformation will not be easy. It will be the most challenging and confusing journey that you will ever embark on in your life.

So this journey of Self-Transformation can challenge your existing beliefs and this can create an uncomfortable experience.

If you feel that there’s something said in this course that doesn’t resonate with you or make sense to you, you can put it aside.

Realize this is part 1 of the 4 courses (as there is a length limit to free courses here) so give the course a try!

If you wish to access the other courses for free you can find them on my website!!

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2. Transform your mind – Negative Ideas

3. Transform your mind – Life Practices

4. Transform your mind – Soul Journey – Spiritual Lessons

5. Transform your mind – Creator Catalyst (Check bio should be released by Nov 2020)


“Thanks, Johny for creating these awesome courses. You’ve helped me face my defects bravely. I’m looking forward to your new course in the future.”

-Reina Liew Chee Mei

This was exactly what I needed to continue on my spiritual journey and to find my happiness and purpose in life. I can use these techniques in my everyday life and still grow inside and continue to follow my spiritual path and be a better person inside and out. Thank you so much Jonny John for sharing your experience and your knowledge because it has helped me understand much more about stillness and being happy and accepting inside and out. Thank you.”

-Evelyn Baerga

“I am so impressed by his knowledge and love this course”

-Renee Vaughn



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Who this course is for:

  • People who want are looking to know more about themselves and their minds
  • People who wish for greater happiness in life
  • People who wish to know the ways of transforming the mind to develop greater happiness

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