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Simple & Easy Crystals For Reiki – Free Udemy Courses

Simple & Easy Crystals For Reiki – Free Udemy Courses

A FREE & Fun Workshop for those looking to add Crystals to their reiki in a no-fuss way:)

What you’ll learn

  • Using Crystals for Reiki
  • Best Shape of Crystals for Chakra Balancing
  • Easy Crystal Care and Clearing
  • What core crystals are best to use along in Reiki
  • Best Crystals for your Reiki Space
  • Crystals to Bring Wealth to your Practice
  • Using your Reiki and Chakra Symbols on Crystals


  • Being Interested in Reiki

  • Using Crystals for Reiki

  • Drawn to Energy Healing & Crystal Healing


Are you Drawn To Crystals? Are you ready to bring them into your Energy or Reiki Practice?

This Workshop is a fun and simple way to learn what crystals work best with Reiki and how you can use them safely and energetically effectively!

  • Learn how to clear and charge crystals without smoke
  • Learn which crystals are aligned to Reiki and vibrate at divine light & love frequency
  • Learn what crystals are best to plan in your Reiki room
  • Learn  What Crystals help to bring abundance in your Reiki Practice
  • Learn What Crystal is best to Place in your Reiki Box (intention box)

Who this course is for:

  • You are ready to Change your Energy
  • You Love Crystals
  • You Love Reiki
  • Your New and want things explained in Simple Terms with Love

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