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Mechanical engineering Strength of Material – Free Udemy Courses

Mechanical engineering Strength of Material – Free Udemy Courses

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What you’ll learn

Mechanical engineering Strength of Material – Free Udemy Courses

  • After Completion of this course, Students will be able to solve the Engineering problems related to the subject strength of material


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Hello Dear Students,

Wants to learn the Strength of material? then join this course.

Engineering science is usually subdivided into several topics such as,

1. Solid Mechanics

2. Fluid Mechanics

3. Heat Transfer

4. Properties of materials and so on Although there are close links between them in terms of the physical principles involved and methods of analysis employed.

In the Strength of material, various engineering problems regarding stress, strain, beam, column, Material properties, etc. are introduced from time to time in academic learning of this Subject. This Course Covers all theory key points and basic knowledge required to solve real-life problems.

This course will help the diploma and engineering students to understand basic material properties, stress-strain curve, temperature stress and strain, hooks low, young’s modulus, Bulk modulus, type of beam, the behavior of beam under loading condition shear force, and bending moment diagrams, twisting moment, comparison of the hollow and solid shaft, flexural and torsional formulae, Direct and bending stress, eccentric loading and all problems related to this.

In this course, you will learn

1. Introduction to stress and strain

2. Material Properties and Stress-strain curve

3. Principle of superposition and problem

4. Composite material and problem

5. Types of beam and types of load and support

6. Shear force and bending moment diagram and problems

7. Torsion and comparison of solid and hollow shaft and problems

8. Direct and bending stress and problems

9. Eccentric loading

10.  Problems with C Clamps, lever, channel section

Who this course is for:

  • Diploma Engineering Students

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