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Learn robotics in English – Free Udemy Courses

Learn robotics in English – Free Udemy Courses

From Lego to Logistics

What you’ll learn

Learn robotics in English – Free Udemy Courses

  • nature of vibration
  • what a robot is like
  • how to program a model
  • how to describe a model and a process


  • pre-intermediate level of English needed


In this course, you will find out about the modern robotic environment. This course has been compounded together with a famous teacher of robotics from Ukraine, Svitlana Dankevich, and done so well that if your English level is pre-intermediate you can develop your skills further especially if you haven’t decided on your future profession yet. You will get to know about the nature of vibration and what a Mebius strip is like, how far coding comes back and why programming is so popular nowadays, who was the founder of the Lego company, and how to make a sensory toy.

You will learn some interesting facts from the history of robotics and English grammar and what is more you will be able to make a model description on your own. This course consists of two sections. In the Introduction section, you will get to know Svitlana Dankevich closer not only as a teacher but also as a beginner English learner. In the second section called “From Lego to Logistics” you will get familiar with the vocabulary of Lego and Amazon robots, the structure of a model description, and such interesting inventions as mind-controlled robots. You will have a good opportunity for checking your knowledge of adjective clauses and practicing model descriptions.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner developers and English learners interested in basic robotics

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