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Ethical Hacking – Phase 1 – Reconnaissance – Free Udemy Courses

Ethical Hacking – Phase 1 – Reconnaissance – Free Udemy Courses

Performing Basic Information Gathering

What you’ll learn

Ethical Hacking – Phase 1 – Reconnaissance – Free Udemy Courses

  • Examine and learn ethical hacking reconnaissance techniques
  • Explore both active & passive footprinting
  • Review Google Dorking techniques


  • Basic IT Skill, Example: Being able to use a computer device at a beginner level.

  • Good computer with at least 4GB RAM and a reliable internet connection

  • Require patience and time to spend on this course.


Kali is a penetration-testing Linux distribution created by Offensive Security. It holds a repository of multiple tools for security-related engineers including hacking wireless networks, web applications, databases, Reverse engineering, password crackers, and much more! As you can see, Kali is a versatile and powerful tool for anyone looking to do any cybersecurity-related work.

Keep in mind this is a basic course, which means this course is a beginner’s guide to Ethical Hacking – Phase 1 – Reconnaissance. We will cover Active and Passive techniques, and the tools used to perform the information gathering and reconnaissance. The main purpose of information Gathering is to get to know the target systems. This is the first process in ethical hacking. Reconnaissance is a set of processes and techniques (Footprinting, Scanning & Enumeration) used to covertly discover and collect information about a target system.

The course is broken into three main sections, and an introduction section, and we wrap up with a project to ensure you understand the process of information gathering and reconnaissance. The goal is to provide you with basic knowledge to get you started so you can take it from there. Remember this is not a field that you can walk through. You will have to grow and adapt as the environment changes.

Remember this is a basic overview of information gathering and reconnaissance, the hope is you get in, and understand the principles. Work through the assignments and exercises to help solidify your understanding of the topics covered in this course.

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody who wants to learn about Ethical Hacking reconnaissance techniques
  • Any person willing to learn how to make their penetration testing lab

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