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DC Circuit Analysis – Free Udemy Courses

DC Circuit Analysis – Free Udemy Courses

Electrical Engineering

What you’ll learn

DC Circuit Analysis – Free Udemy Courses

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Circuits Fundamentals
  • Circuit Analysis Techniques
  • Kirchhoff Voltage Law (KVL)
  • Kirchhoff Current Law (KCL)
  • Nodal Analysis
  • Mesh Analysis
  • Scope of Circuit analysis


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Electrical Engineering is one of the major 4-year career courses that a student takes at the university. Electrical engineering deals with the study of devices, inventions, and products that use the concepts of voltage and current.

Circuits are a major part of electrical engineering, computer engineering, mechatronics engineering, electronics engineering, and telecommunication engineering. Hence an engineering student needs to understand the basics of Circuit

Circuit Analysis is the field of analyzing various circuits. This field also explains what are circuits and how they are built. How is a circuit problem and what are some tools that help in solving the circuit problem?

Circuit Analysis is important because whatever circuit you see in daily life i.e. computer, smartphone, medical equipment, etc uses the concept of voltage and current. This concept of voltage and current is well explained in circuit analysis

Electrical Engineering DC Circuit Analysis is one of the major introduction courses on electrical engineering, electronics engineering, computer engineering, and mechatronics engineering taught to undergraduate students

The course has its importance because it explains the following topics

1. What is a Circuit?

2. What is Circuit Analysis?

3. What are some basic Circuit Analysis techniques?

4. Why Circuit Analysis is important?

4. DC / AC Circuit

5. KVL and KCL

6. Mesh and Nodal Analysis

After taking this course a student will be able to understand and explain all of the above topics

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn the basics of electrical, electronics, computer, and circuit engineering
  • Beginners Electronics Engineers
  • Beginners Electrical Engineers

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