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Chakras, Energetic Structure (English) – Free Udemy Courses

Chakras, Energetic Structure (English) – Free Udemy Courses

Short panoramic visit to the Energy Structure from the Macrocosm to the Microcosm of the Chakra

What you’ll learn

Chakras, Energetic Structure (English) – Free Udemy Courses

  • In this short course, you will find a brief description of the basic Energy Structure
  • You will find a brief description of the Subtle Bodies in general and the first 4 Subtle Bodies that will interest us for the Evolving Chakra courses.
  • You will know the meaning of the frontal, dorsal, lateral, and functional emanation of a chakra
  • You will be able to perform a Soul Meditation to feel and perceive your chakras by performing a complete measurement
  • Attached is a card for the perception of the state of health of the chakras


  • You don’t need to have any previous knowledge or experience



This course aims

to offer anyone who wishes to learn more about the Subtle Universe.

We decided to make it accessible because we think it is a good thing to start from common bases and shared knowledge before delving into more demanding and specialized studies such as the “Chakra in Evolution” path.

Consequently, this course is free and intended for everyone!

The Subdivision of the Lessons

has been designed to have a vision from the Macro to the Micro-cosmos of the Energy Manifestation, that is …

The program

The External Manifestations of Energy

– Earthly Energy

– Celestial Energy

The Internal Manifestations of the Energy

of the Person in its composition and Energy Structure

– The Central Canal

– The 7 main Chakras

– The Meridians

– The Nadis

– The Aura

To go into more detail by analyzing the first 4 Subtle Bodies,

The structure of the Aura

– The Physical Body

– The Emotional Body

– The Mental Body

– The Spiritual Body

Finally, in its most detailed form, we study the characteristics of a single Chakra which can then be applied to the entire Chakra Structure.

The Chakra

– Feminine Archetypal Energy & Masculine Archetypal Energy

– Right and Left expression of the body according to the energetic imbalance of the Chakra

– Frontal and Dorsal Emanation of the Chakra with its characteristics

– The three main functions of each Chakra, Simple, Complex and Evolutionary

Soul Meditation – Perception of the Chakras

To conclude our program with a

Soul Meditation

dedicated to the Perception of the Chakras through the depth contact that our Subtle Emotional Body allows us.

This final Meditation together with the document that is handed over allows you to perform a reading of the perceptions of the Energy Structure of your body to be able to do a careful follow-up of your Energy Structure and an expansion of your perceptive abilities.

Who this course is for:

  • The objective of this course is to offer simply a panoramic view of the Human Energy Structure, of the subtle bodies, and the characteristics of the chakras.

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Chakras, Energetic Structure (English) – Free Udemy Courses

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