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Building Arista Data Center Lab for Free – Free Udemy Courses

Building Arista Data Center Lab for Free – Free Udemy Courses

Use for SDN/Network Simulation, Python Network Programming/Automation, or preparation for any Arista certification exam!

What you’ll learn

Building Arista Data Center Lab for Free – Free Udemy Courses

  • Arista Switch Deployment
  • EVE-NG
  • Arista Switch Automation
  • Networking


  • Basic Networking Knowledge

  • Basic EVE-NG Knowledge

  • Basic Linux Knowledge


This course is designed to assist you to build your own Arista Network home lab

You will be guided to complete easy steps like downloading and installing necessary Software such as vEOS, configuration, and scripts.

This Data Center Lab is designed for Network Automation and Software Defined Networking (SDN) Model

I will demonstrate the tuning and configuration of most of the components

Also will be doing some basic testing just to make sure we are doing everything right.

Arista Networks

is a consistent leader in Data Center networking Solutions and open programmable switches. It is well known for its simple, easy-to-use programming and automation switch features. It’s scalable and designed for cloud computing environments.

Why Arista Switch?

Best merchant silicon available – Broadcom, Trident, Intel

Design for the Data Center and Cloud Environment

Scalable, High-Performance, Ultra-low-latency network and cloud computing networks

Familiar Command Line Interface

Target Audience

Network Engineers

Aspiring Network Engineers

Data Center Engineers

System Administrators

Python Programmers


The lab is built using EVE-NG. We will not talk about how to install EVE-NG

We will not talk about networking basics

We will not talk about Linux basics

We will not talk about Python from scratch

We will only test Programmability and Automation

Nothing but to assist you to build Arista Data Center Lab

This is a FREE Udemy course and we have a limited time of 2 hours



Data Center Lab Topology

Part 1: Deploying Arista Switches

Part 2: Deploying Linux Host

Part 3: Enabling Automation

Part 4: Enabling API


Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Networking
  • Beginner Linux
  • Beginner EVE-NG
  • Intermediate Networking
  • Intermediate Linux
  • Intermediate EVE-NG

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