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Basic Animation in Adobe After Effects – Free Udemy Courses

Basic Animation in Adobe After Effects – Free Udemy Courses

You too can make cartoons!

What you’ll learn

Basic Animation in Adobe After Effects – Free Udemy Courses

  • Make little cartoons with funny cartoon characters.


  • All you need for this course is the desire to create cartoons, any personal computer, and some basic skills to use it. All the necessary programs and footage we will provide you directly in the course.


I want to clarify some details right away: This course was created for the training unit of the General Animation studio. Every new candidate who wants to become a member of our studio, we send to this course so that he can quickly and efficiently become familiar with our methods of work.

Many members of our community live in developing countries and have access only to the simplest computers. Taking into account the needs of such students, during training we use the Adobe After Effects 7.0 version, which does not require high-performance hardware, but at the same time allows us to master the basic principles of working with the program.

So if you want to quickly and without special material costs learn the basic methods of creating animation in Adobe After Effects – then welcome to our course! We will be happy to share our knowledge with you, and you may even want to become a member of our team to enjoy some nice bonuses and create cartoons of a charitable and educational nature with us.

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Yes – animation is too high an art to spend it on trifles, so we do not make stupid cartoons to collect views on Youtube. As I understand, these things are first of all the online education and promotion of scientific achievements, advanced information technology, clean energy sources, and, in general, new progressive technologies and the brotherhood of all the peoples of the Earth.

Our main goal is to enable the people of developing countries to join modern computer technologies to help them escape from the shackles of poverty and illiteracy. To such students, we even pay small incentive bonuses to stimulate their interest in computer technology. If you are looking for a simple and effective technology to create cartoons – this course is exactly for you.

Basic Animation in Adobe After Effects is something more than just a training course – it’s a whole philosophy and lifestyle. It consists of the fact that the main purpose of man in this world is to be a creator and artist. And animation as one of the most popular and affordable kinds of art should help you to fully discover your creative abilities.

After Effect allows make animation quickly and efficiently, releasing our creative energy for new achievements in the broadest areas of human activity. Therefore, study After Effects with us, offer your ideas and projects, and we will make cartoons together!

If you do not already have Adobe After Effects, you can find the student version of the program in the downloads of our website General-Animation com

Who this course is for:

  • The course is targeted at the widest range of students who want, without spending too much time and resources, to get an idea of the basic principles of work in Adobe After Effects and how to create animation using this program.

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