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ASP.NET – Total Guide – Free Udemy Courses

ASP.NET – Total Guide – Free Udemy Courses

Build real-world webs using ASP.NET – Your Complete Guide

What you’ll learn

ASP.NET – Total Guide – Free Udemy Courses

  • Introduction to ASP .NET
  • installing ASP .NET
  • Dynamic website
  • Connecting to Database and Presenting
  • Forms, Separating presentation and logic code files
  • Web forms
  • Handling postback
  • Data binding expression
  • Variables, Loops, and Functions
  • Creating web controls
  • Registering user control
  • Validation control
  • Controlling validation message
  • Viewstate and sessions


  • C# or Visual Basic is just the starting point. you also must know how to handle page layout with HTML. you need to know how to create, manage, and implement interface styling with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). JavaScript will also be required if you intend to write your client-side functionality for your Web pages. you might also need to understand Extensible Markup Language (XML), Web services, and database programming. of course, you also need to know how all of these things work together to form a single solution. Check out our C#, CSS, and Many others to learn easily.


The name stands for Active Server Pages Network Enabled Technologies.

This is a Beginner to Advanced level course on .NET

that will take you from basics all the way to advance mode. This course is for anyone who is new to ASP.NET or who is familiar with ASP.NET and wants to take the first stab at understanding what is different in ASP.NET. Easiest formula to understand all concepts in .NET

There are several flavors of ASP.NET, Web Forms (Web Sites and Web Applications), Model-View-Controller (MVC), Razor Pages, and the newest one Blazor. This course is aimed at anyone who wants to create dynamic websites using all these models, with ASP.NET Web Forms as the starting point.

ASP.NET is the Microsoft platform for developing Web Applications. Using ASP.NET you can create e-commerce sites, data-driven portals, and just about anything else you can find on the internet. Best of all, you don’t need to paste together a jumble of HTML and JavaScript code. Instead, you can create full-scale web apps by leveraging your knowledge of C# coding and a design tool like Visual Studio.

In recent years Microsoft has added MVC (Model View Controller) and Razor pages which offer different ways to build dynamic web pages. To some, MVC and Razor pages are cleaner and more suited to the web. To others, it’s a whole lot of extra effort with no clear payoff. Either way, it’s good to have a strong knowledge of all of these web application programming models before moving on to the most future-forward choice ….



We cover all these models at a beginner’s level and offer a multitude of practical applications.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn ASP NET
  • Anyone interested in learning how to Architect Large Scale Projects

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ASP.NET – Total Guide – Free Udemy Courses

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