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Agile & Scrum Overview – Certification Info – Free Udemy Courses

Agile & Scrum Overview – Certification Info – Free Udemy Courses

Get an Overview of Agile & Scrum. Learn Details and Prerequisites of the Most Popular Agile & Scrum Certifications

What you’ll learn

Agile & Scrum Overview – Certification Info – Free Udemy Courses

  • Learn the Agile Methodologies briefly
  • Learn the Scrum Framework briefly
  • Learn the Extreme Programming briefly
  • Learn the Lean Methodology briefly
  • Learn the Kanban briefly
  • Learn the Agile & Scrum certifications provided by different organizations


  • Basic knowledge of what is a project and its requirements will be sufficient


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Go through an overview of Agile & Scrum in 30 Minutes! Get the details and prerequisites of the MOST POPULAR Agile & Scrum Certifications.

Technology change is at a pace it was never before. Market conditions, harsh competition, and time-to-market are the biggest concerns of today’s organizations, especially for technology companies. To adapt to this fast-changing environment, most organizations adopt Agile Project Management methodologies. This enables organizations to produce valuable outputs faster. And Scrum Framework is the most popular Agile Methodology.

Because of this shift in project management methodology, organizations seek Agile Practitioners, Scrum Masters, and Agile and Scrum Professionals to manage their software development projects. Take this opportunity to learn Agile Project Management and Scrum Framework, earn a new skill, get an Agile & Scrum Certification and take a head ahead in your career.

You will get an overview of the Agile Project Management-Scrum Framework-Certification Prep course.

The course includes an agenda, a list of agile methodologies, and a framework. The most popular agile methodologies and frameworks are described briefly: Extreme Programming, Lean, and  Kanban. Then, the most popular Agile framework, Scrum Framework is described briefly. Finally, agile & scrum certifications are described.

Who this course is for:

  • Agile Project Management aspirants
  • Agile & Scrum Certification aspirants
  • Anyone who wants to learn what Agile & Scrum is
  • Project Managers who want to learn about Agile & Scrum
  • Professionals who want to learn about Agile & Scrum

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