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Accounting Standards Board – Free Udemy Courses

Accounting Standards Board – Free Udemy Courses

The need, the evolution, and a Comparison

What you’ll learn

Accounting Standards Board – Free Udemy Courses

  • Accounting Standards and their need
  • Regulatory and conceptual framework of accounting
  • Accounting standards board and other regulatory bodies
  • IFRS as a guideline for ASB of India
  • Key comparison between IFRS and GAAP


  • None. Yes, this is a basic lecture on the need and framework of the Accounting standards board.


This short lecture would enable the viewer to appreciate the need for uniform accounting practices, standard accounting principles adopted by each Accounting Standards Board, and a framework to restate financial statements for comparison of cross-border businesses globally.

The conceptual and regulatory framework of accounting standards is a necessary knowledge

all aspiring finance and accountancy course

candidates must have. This topic is the first in the


of most renowned courses on Finance and/ or accounting.

You would be able to appreciate this course,

  • What are accounting practices?
  • Why do we need common accounting procedures?
  • What is a regulatory body?
  • Why is there a need for a regulatory body?
  • What is GAAP?
  • Who issues the GAAP?
  • To whom does GAAP apply?
  • Evolution of Accounting standards boards like CAP, APB, FASB, GASB & EITF
  • US GAAP Vs. Accounting Standards of other countries
  • What is IFRS?
  • A Comparison of key features between GAAP and IFRS

Professional courses such as CA, CPA, CMA, ACCA, and even graduate and postgraduate courses

such as Bachelor’s level and Master level programs offered by renowned universities include this topic as a foundation bedrock to build concepts.

There are many more such concept videos that shall be posted shortly that complement and build upon the concepts one after the other that would equip the viewer to appreciate the concepts of accounting and financial reporting at the grass root level.

Do leave your comments and feedback to help me improve the content and quality of the lectures. You may also reach out to me directly for any clarifications or further queries. I would be glad to revert.

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Who this course is for:

  • Beginner level/ introductory course on Accounting standards- conceptual & regulatory framework
  • Part of the curriculum for ALL financial and accounting courses offered by MOST universities

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Accounting Standards Board – Free Udemy Courses

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