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2022 C# Beginner Masterclass: Basics of Programming

2022 C# Beginner Masterclass: Basics of Programming

Intermediate topics in C# include OOP, patterns, collections, and SOLID. Gain More C# Knowledge for the Coding Interview

What you’ll learn

2022 C# Beginner Masterclass: Basics of Programming

  • Students will study collections, OOP, patterns, and solid concepts in C#.
  • How to create software that is effective and efficient?
  • How to identify and fix coding smells.
  • C # suggestions and advice


  • having knowledge of object-oriented design. Our C# course, “C# Speedrun-Learn C# (2022),” comes highly recommended.


The “C# Beginner Masterclass: Learn C# Fundamentals” course is open to you. We’ll discuss intermediate C# concepts like SOLID, collections, OOP, patterns, etc. in this course.

Are you prepared now? Let’s get going!

You may improve your C# abilities and get information from this course to help you get ready for your next C# interview.

Let’s advance and be ready for your next C# interview!

The following is a list of subjects covered in this course:

  1. The Basics of C#: Loops, Flow Control, Primitive Data Types, and Variables
  2. Classes and Objects in C#
  3. C# methods have many different parts, such as encapsulation, polymorphism, parameters, static methods, named arguments, and method overloading.
  4. C# has Parse, TryParse, implicit casting, explicit casting, implicit conversion, explicit conversion, implicit conversion, and explicit conversion.
  5. Constructor overloading and object initializer syntax in C#
  6. Read-only/Write-only properties in C#, as well as automatic properties
  7. Using the basic keyword, overriding methods, and using sealed classes and sealed methods in C#
  8. Abstract classes, abstract methods, interfaces, and interface inheritance are all available in C#.
  9. Using Static, Nested Namespaces, Importing Namespaces, and Namespaces in C#
  10. Generic Classes and Generic Methods in C#
  11. Arrays in C#: Making arrays, arrays of items, arrays with foreach loops
  12. And a lot more!

The following subjects will be covered in this course to help you become ready for them.

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Who this course is for:

  • Developers who are fans of SOLID principles and design patterns

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